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I think his issues just came crashing down. The twins like keeping things bottled in, even from one another. It has got to change or they're just going to be in even more pain.

Originally Posted by One Thing Remains (View Post)
Actually my post was not directed at you. The whole tone of the thread was becoming negative. That can't be accomplished by one single post. But, regardless, this is not the place to discuss your issues or problems with Max - his character or actions. You are absolutely entitled to your opinion and are under no obligation to like Max, but this is his appreciation thread. Please take these discussions and posts to the general discussion threads and/or the episode discussion threads.

If you have any questions or want to discuss this further please send me a PM.
I like Max-I've always liked Max. I don't see how thinking he and Isobel need to face their issues is criticism. He's not perfect and both of them have said or done questionable things. It doesn't make him horrible, it just means he's never faced his choices. All three of have flaws, even Michael.

His original scruff on General Hospital was the best.
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