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Originally Posted by yulan (View Post)
It possibly started with Kyle and his refusal of "light fun" she offered.
I liked her friendship with Kyle and am still irritated that they couldn't be bothered bringing him back after just 2 episodes

This is ironic, because I couldn't stand him in 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'.

I do not remember Andrea giving Kelly guilt trip about her sexual experience. What did she say?
"Oh, please... Name one guy you ever wanted who didn't want you back."

This might not sound like much, but Andrea's condescending tone when she says this to Kelly, presuming that every guy wants Kelly and Kelly knows nothing about not being wanted, really bugged me. She literally shrugs off Kelly's words of comfort until Brandon is mentioned as the guy who rejected her in that scene.

And Kelly did offer information about being rejected by Brandon to cheer her up, so I don't see why it would be a big deal if it did cheer her up
Andrea's smug relief about that revelation ruined it for me Everyone treats her like butter wouldn't melt and she's glass that is close to breaking. I think she underestimated the amount of people who supported her back then. She went from never speaking to these people, to speaking to ALL of them due to her friendship with Brandon. Some people aren't that lucky in school.

Brandon was an ass to Andrea in that episode. Kelly was cool.
Kinda disagree. He was insensitive because I think he was just sick and tired of Andrea making a comment on private things that she has no experience of.

Think about it -- Kelly had just come to him, blaming him for the story of condoms being printed in the papers. He was getting blamed for something that Andrea and her friend were pushing all along. I think he'd just had enough and said things in the heat of the moment. We've all been there.

Again, I have to stress that Andrea went from barely socializing in the school to suddenly befriending the entire gang, thanks to Brandon and his good nature. Yet all she could do throughout Season 2 was EXPLODE at him because she was jealous of his girlfriends and it took her a long time to grow beyond that.

The best Andrea moment in the show, for me, was in the Season 4 finale when Kelly confides in her that she kissed Brandon at the retreat and Andrea jokes "that's further than I ever got with him!" - you can tell at this point that she has truly let go of her resentment about a platonic relationship with him.
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