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Hi, Lila! I thought I saw other people in there when Cesare was having his armor put on. I think Lucrezia dismissed them so she could put his armor on herself.

Are Spanish family kisses a thing? OMG, really? Cesare threatened the help if they said anything? So that may indeed by a reason why there's no evidence of anything, although servants do talk a lot. Perhaps some of them saw something or heard something they weren't supposed to?

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But the seating board was in Lu's BEDROOM and they were ALONE. The door was wide open, so anyone could've walked by and seen them passionately kissing. There's no way they could've played that off as innocent, so it would've placed them in danger of a real scandal. Ces was recklessly taking all kinds of chances! Like if the maid had just walked in without knocking on the door of Lu's bedroom when she was naked in bed with her brother doing all kinds of

Oh, the seating board was in Lu's bedroom? I don't really remember it being there when Cesare walked in on her naked. And yeah, Lucrezia was taking a big risk because one of her maids could've walked in on them, and very nearly did.
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