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Inspired by episode 504 - “Heartbreaker”


Comments: Kelso claiming that Hyde “broke the code” is utter nonsense. Kelso broke Jackie’s heart by treating her with total disrespect. She chooses someone who treats her much better (although the way Jackie and Hyde’s initial season-5 interactions go … eh. I should probably write a meta about it).

I’ve written this before, but Kelso gave up his right to complain when he a) made a false equivalency between Jackie’s one kiss with one other guy and his own months of having sex with several other women b) kept punishing her for that one kiss c) became possessive and paranoid, to the point of stalking her and d) ultimately abandoned her and cheated on her again.

After all that – and she breaks up with him – she finds happiness with someone who happens to be a friend of his, and Kelso believes himself to be the injured party (Donna and Eric do, too). That’s self-entitled narcissism.

Even worse, Kelso still believed himself to be a victim when he thought Jackie was “only” dating someone he didn’t know. He didn’t necessarily want to be with her himself, at least not monogamously, but he didn’t want her to be happy without him.

Donna and Eric both should’ve called him on that behavior and given him consequences for it. Hyde, too. Jackie is the only one who does at the end of this episode.
Kelso, it's for the best. Just like you and Jackie breaking up
was for the best -- and, after a while, she found someone better ...

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