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Originally Posted by Butterfly85 (View Post)
I think the Mendez (sp?) Brothers murders would of been perfect for this show but since it's already been done a lot I assume that's why they never did it. I still wouldn't mind if they tried it cause they have been brilliant with both seasons. I wonder what they will do next, I loved the OJ Simpson season (especially seeing it now when I didn't pay attention to it then cause I was 9 or 10 years old and didn't get what was really going on. If I was older at the time I definitely would of watched it all in real time) I didn't know a thing about Versace's murder so I went in blind with that one. Still hoping they release S2 on DVD, they released OJ on DVD.
I haven't heard about those murders.
And I was like born in 1994, so I obviously didn't know anything about the OJ Simpson trial.
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