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Limited Spoiler Thread #31: Savoring every last tidbit we can get!

Please Observe the GUIDELINES for Limited Spoiler Discussions

Hello, my lovely Nerdvana family!

The moderator manager and administration team has discussed revisions to the spoiler policy, and this is what has been decided.

Information is considered to be a spoiler if it details something that has not yet been broadcast anywhere in the world.

The following limited spoilers are allowed in a designated discussion thread on the forums here as long as the title includes the word Spoilers:

Information officially released by the network such as sneak peaks, filming pictures and episodes stills, or cast interviews that hint at future storylines can be posted in the designated spoiler discussion thread at all forums.

Spoilers regarding the character an actress or actor is playing in a TV show are permitted at their own Male or Female Celebrity Forum. These discussions should be limited to character information and not overall show spoilers.

Spoiler threads for upcoming movies are permitted on the Movies forum or on forums that are devoted to a movie franchise.

Spoilers about upcoming book releases are allowed in their discussion threads at the Books and Writing Forum or forums that are devoted to a book franchise. The word Spoilers can be removed from the title after the official release date.

Spoilers should only be discussed if they meet the above limited conditions and any further spoilers should be discussed at the Spoilers Forum.

Animations, artwork, icons and other such material can be posted within these threads but they must not be used across Fan Forum or any other thread.

Discussion and information sharing must be limited to the listed threads that have spoilers indicated in the title.

If you're unsure about what might be considered to be a spoiler please continue to use the spoiler tags, shown here:

This thread is now a thread in which we can discuss:

1. Sneak peeks prior to the episode thread being opened.
2. Promo pics before the episode thread is opened.
3. Any behind the scenes pictures the cast or crew or guest stars tweet or blog prior to the episode airing.
4. Ausiello teases, writer interviews which hint at future storylines.

~ These items do not have to be kept out of the news thread, but should not go beyond links. Discussion is only allowed here. ~
The news thread can still include (with discussion) airing dates, dates of conventions, announce actors' appearances on talk shows, press releases, etc.

NOTE. This is not a place to discuss taping reports. Anything provided by fans and not by the cast/crew/guest stars or released as promotional material needs to remain in the spoiler thread at the spoiler board. If a promo picture reveals a 'big moment' that the unspoiled don't recognize as such, there is to be no hinting or saying anything along the lines of "I can't believe they revealed that!" As always, posts outside the spoiler board should not tell us who is spoiled and who is not.
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