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The time was coming and soon they all went to the best bakery in Portland. Their new store had bread baked and fresh cookies ready for everyone to buy at the store. Everyone was excited for the bread that was available at the bakery . When it was cold outside, Nick wanted a warm coffee from the Starbucks and some cookies. The group of people that had been there are not his friends to reach the goal from yesterday. Today was the opening of the new police station and the whole team was there to show their support for the team. The new boss is not pleased with the police department and their new ideas. He is often told that he can be a strict man because he is very stubborn and is not wiling to compromise in his work. Today began with the group talking to teenagers about the danger of drugs. When it was time to leave the park to go to the store they are always at a fun toy store with the kids. The next day Wu went to the local store for some shopping for the items Nick
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