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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising (View Post)
Hi, Dave! No, it's not evening for me now. It's the afternoon. It was early morning for me when you posted.

Hi, Mary! Yes, I know how you feel about that. I've felt the same way about ships that shows ended up screwing up. Barry/Iris is my most hated ship and I always thought Barry/Caitlin made more sense.

Good luck with your taxes! I already did mine and got my return. I got less this year because I had less taxes taken out.

Hi, Katie! Well, I never saw Gossip Girl, so I can't comment. Yeah, I did hear that Nate and Blair end up together in the books, but I'm under the impression that the chemistry wasn't right between the actors on the show. I'll admit that she does look better with Dan, even though I don't know the show that well. As for Serena, I've heard that in the books she doesn't end up with Dan, and Dan ends up with some character named Vanessa, right? So I guess it's pretty much redundant.

As for Chuck, well he's not that important in the books, so I guess the show took liberties. Given what we know about the actor now, perhaps that wasn't such a good idea. I do agree that the show does look like it sucks. I guess the point is that if Dan doesn't end up with Serena in the books, there wasn't any reason for them to end up together on the show. But anyway, let's get off the Gossip Girl subject, okay? I sense that this could become a tense shipping subject and I'd like to avoid any unpleasant conversation. Everyone okay with that?
I get it but the show is pretty drastically different than the books so it made sense to me.

only for you I will Alex.
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