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Originally Posted by azure angel (View Post)
Hi @Shiri S oh - do you like the new show?
Not seen a reply from SS yet so I thought that I'd chime in. Hope you don't mind.

Mixed feelings about the new Roswell. Was annoyed at first. Made me really miss the old series with Shiri and the gang. And was not too happy, at first, that they changed the characters and the story so much. But then I started to get hooked by the end of the Pilot. Thought that the 2nd ep was even better than the 1st. Not yet seen the 3rd episode. What are your thoughts? Still missed the original series tho' so I started binge-watching the whole first season of it last week.

Have you seen the ET video interview of Shiri and her thoughts about the the new Roswell? Looks like she'll be directing at least one episode (#9, I think).


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