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From the previous thread:

Originally Posted by KitscherSunk (View Post)
I loved her on Cougar Town as well. I've watched her E show but only when there's someone on I'm interested in. I want to like it but she just seems like she's trying too hard. I recorded the Connie but will probably just end up erasing it. Connie's been on so many talk shows now.

Speaking of MBJ, did anyone else end up seeing Creed II? I can't remember. Did you like it?
Originally Posted by elherts (View Post)
I didn't see Creed II but I loved the first one. My friends all liked it.
Originally Posted by SouthernSweetieTX (View Post)
I haven’t seen it either, but I wanted to.
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MBJ was just on Fallon, and it had to be a new appearance because he showed the Margot cover with him...I'm not sure what he's on to promote but it was a cute little interview. They talked more about Black Panther, maybe it's just Oscar nomination posturing.
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