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Friday Night Lights OT Thread #10: Because Texas Forever

The all encompassing Friday Night Lights thread to discuss any and all actors from the show and just the show in general because even though it's been 10-years since it premiered it remains one of the most beloved shows out there. And even we sometimes have to admit the show was about more than just Tim Riggins.

"Inspired by the legendary Buzz Bissinger book Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream, and the 2004 Peter Berg movie based on it, FNL told the story of a high school football coach from Dillon, Texas, whose improbable victories mirrored those of the critically beloved — but disastrously rated — show itself. In an era when sports television was supposedly at its nadir, when elite storytelling was supposedly only the work of prestige outlets like HBO and AMC, Friday Night Lights emerged as the quintessential show about American spirit and uplift at a time when the moral and economic bedrock of our Country seemed most in doubt.

Gone too soon. Appreciated too little. Treasured by those who followed it. That was Friday Night Lights." -Grantland

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Couldn't Lose - An Oral History of Friday Night Lights

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