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EPIC__LoVe #174: "The first sex scene in Veronica Mars, on Hulu!" [Ryan Hansen]

Jason Dohring
"It’s a funny relationship, because it’s not like a crush thing anymore, because they’ve been kind of through so much that it’s almost like best friends who are in love, which is really quite beautiful I think."

"The good scenes without the bad wouldn't be good. I like both, and I think we're on a pretty good path now. If that's how it ends up being written, I'll be thrilled, but on the other hand, I'm happy enough playing against her in the evil way -- it might even be more fun, because we're actually really liking each other underneath it all. The antagonistic scenes are great."

"Dude, the snarkiness doesn't work without the love underneath. It's always there, you know what I mean? It's always been there, because I think the bigger the love there is in the first place, the bigger the break-up is. So, it's always cool, even when we're playing those scenes where we're against each other, we're always - I'm in love with her."

"Any kind of compassion or love, Jesus, he's looking for something. And I think that Veronica holds the key to that. I think there's temporary relationships but I don't think anybody can quite understand him like she does. I think that's what it's all about is: getting into a real relationship with love."

"I think Veronica's the only one that can fill the hole in Logan's life."

"I was talking with Kristen about this yesterday, after you’ve been with somebody like Logan and Veronica have, shared so much experience together and really seen the soft side of it, there’s no way you can go back. You know there is that, but there’s also underneath ‘I totally understand you’ and you know she understands. It’s such a funny thing man, it’s like we had this kind of snarkyness but underneath it’s like you know I understand that you’re a nice person. It’s so funny, it’s a funny relationship."

"I think they can relate to each other and they understand each other, even if nothing’s said, just being in the vicinity of that person just kind of calms things down you know cause there’s some understanding there."

"Personally I feel that there will always be a special place for Veronica in Logan's shriveled little heart."

Kristen Bell

"I think that Logan and Veronica have such a chemistry together that it's rarely going to fall in the category of normal. It's always going to be hate or extreme love and passion."

"So many people have fallen in love with that relationship because they really are star-crossed lovers. They really are not meant to be together, yet in another world, meant to be together."

"The characters they developed have a very charismatic relationship, and I know the fans love them together."

"I honestly think Logan and Veronica are star-crossed, and you can't explain why they keep going back to each other regardless of the mistakes each have made. I think it will always be a tug between the two of them, no matter who they are dating."

"When you're in love with somebody, you can't always draw the line."

"I love the Logan/Veronica relationship, because it provides for a lot of entertainment and a lot of drama."

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