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Rebel Alliance #274: Because they found their home in one another

Because the fans of Max & Tess were fighting such overwhelming odds,
they called themselves the Rebel Alliance - like in Star Wars.

Do you ever get signals?

Where you connect with someone and there's no mistaking what's going on.
Like no matter who you may be with, or what you may think, that you and
this other person are destined to be together.

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To Whom It May Concern, Goodbye My Lover,
Everything, Evening on the Ground,
Emilie De Ravin Board
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“At that time I was an eighteen year old beginner and Roswell was my first big acting job.
I asked Jason and the others for advices all the time and I asked them to tell me how things work.
He was very supportive and a good friend.

- Emilie de Ravin

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