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I keep trying to figure out where they are headed with Grace, other than as an angst for Ben because she is so inconsistent. One minute she is jumping his bones and the next she is screaming at him. Are we supposed to think she is bipolar? That date night and sexy math were not real attraction? That her declarations of love were false and she has been in love with Danny the whole time? Or just that she is mad that her world is not as serene as she wants it and Ben is the convenient scapegoat for her anger because he will take it? I could figure it out with a real person but fictional motives are much harder.

I understood why she was upset. But literally kicking him out to be homeless was too much. At least wait until you calm down a bit. I think that probably plays into Ben having to lose everything to fully commit to the actual belief in the Callings. But not sure if I am supposed to think it really is over or just another phase until Cal has something bad happen and Grace needs Ben and starts to understand him. That goes back to not knowing if I am supposed to believe she loves him or not, even though she said it. The last few weeks I felt like we were suspend to be rooting for them. But now am unsure. I guess that will all play out the rest of the series with whatever happens with her and Danny being a big part of it. If she rushes back to him romantically this season, then her character will be completely ruined for me. That time was around episode 3 for it to be sympathetic. Ben definitely deserves better than what happened and it would have been easier early on.

Olive does have a lot of issues that stem from Grace. Even now Grace is all about Cal or herself. And Ben did not help Olive at all. We know why he was checking on Cal and why he felt the need to take Cal, but to Olive it was just more rejection. Though my petty side was thinking Olive should have taken the chances Ben offered to spend more time with him in episodes 2-4 because it might be too late now to repair their relationship with his involvement in the Callings.

Cal will find Ben when he needs him. So I am not worried about them or their relationship. And we had a sweet scene of Aunt Mich protecting Cal. Mich and Ben were adorable as always. They always have each other’s back. That ending scene where Ben finally showed weakness and leaned on her lap was my favorite of the entire series.

Jared irritates me because he is still married. He needs to be honest with Lourdes and end it soon. I think we are supposed to root for him and Michaela but I just cannot. I feel both women deserve better. They are going to lose a lifelong friendship over a man.

I have zero interest in Ben and Saanvi together romantically so I hope they never go there. I would rather him be alone protecting his family from afar and their staying investigative partners and friends. He is too in love with his wife to start anything for a very long time. I enjoy the Saanvi and Mich friendship too.

So basically the romantic relationships are meh but the familial and platonic ones draw me in.

Similarly, I loved the Ben and Vance partnership so much. I hate that Vance is dead. So now we will see i Powell was the mole or if he teams up with the 828 crowd.
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