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I was expecting Vance to be the death, but by the time it happened I had kind of forgotten that someone was going to die. Really glad Saanvi has lived to see another day, although I do wish Vance was still around (if he's even really dead, anyway).

I thought they were on their way to redeeming Grace but apparently not. I actually understand her frustration but once again she showed she has no interest in listening to Ben and will shut him down at every turn, even at Cal's expense. And her argument that Cal should stay with her was wholly selfish and contained no consideration as to what is best for Cal. I bet she'll try and force Danny into Cal's life now. I hope Cal despises him.

Ben and Michaela letting Cal stay at the site was ridiculous. He's 10, once he was in the car he wouldn't have been able to stop Michaela taking him home. Why are they letting a child call the shots here?

Lourdes took another 5.5 years getting to the hospital so it's now been 11 years since the plane vanished wow... Okay, in all seriousness, what was that? I get that they wanted Michaela to be the only one there when he woke up, but that could have been achieved by saying Lourdes had stepped out to get a drink - and of course she would go herself, Michaela would realistically have been in shock. I'm concerned as to how they're going to go about getting Michaela and Jared back together.

Michaela directly addressing the calling and it seemingly responding is baffling and I love it so much. Tell me more.

I suspected that the passenger was a plant, I just couldn't see her escaping, especially the way she said. I also don't trust Fiona and am really concerned that she now knows about Cal. I think it's interesting that she didn't feel the pain of the torture when the others all did, but idk, maybe it's because she wasn't one of the few called to the plane

That Stone sibling moment at the end was both sad and sweet. I kind of hope that Grace just assumed Michaela would stay when she kicked Ben out because she seems to think everyone should be on her side over everything, so Mick walking out, while not meaning much to her, might give her food for thought.

I'm beginning to think Danny was never the problem with Olive's low self esteem and that that is probably on Grace. Thinking about it, Olive went through a trauma then had to step up and play parent at the age of 10. Grace then forced Danny on her when it was very clear Olive wasn't ready for that. Olive connected to and got used to Danny and then Grace suddenly decided because Ben and Cal were back she would pick up where she left off as if Danny never existed, lying to Ben in the process and putting Olive in a horrible position. Now that's not working she's throwing Olive's world into chaos again. It's just a pattern of inconsistency that likely has far more to it.
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