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Hi, everyone.

Didn't want to start posting until I was sure I would stick with the show. I'm in.

While I felt bad for Ben I'm good with how things played out with his marriage. The drama their is meh for me. From the moment the family was reunited Grace has only seemed over-joyed with having Cal back. I do feel awful for Cal/Olive, especially Olive. Ben had to have felt the sting of her response when he called requesting an update on Cal and she replied "Cal's fine and so am I." wtte.

When exactly did they call Lourdes because I can't imagine she wouldn't have been waiting at the hospital for Jared. That was a miss for me.

Gonna miss Vance. I enjoyed his skeptic cooperation.

I don't trust the scientist lady. She didn't seem to be affected by testing like the other passengers.

Pretty decent episode.
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