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I wonder what they would have done if Paget didn't want to come back full time. Would they have just brought in someone new or would they have just had Rossi do it to avoid a new, unknown person coming in? Or would they have given it to JJ or Reid? I just can't see Reid being unit chief, at least not now. Same with JJ. While she's qualified like Rossi and Reid, I just can't see her wanting it with two young kids at home. In season 11 she was too busy to even move into Morgan's old office! And then Rossi, while he doesn't mind filling in temporarily, would he be willing to do it if Prentiss couldn't come back? Though really, most of the team has been together and doing this for so long, I think they could have even had Rossi, JJ and Reid co-lead sort of. Since this team has been together so long, it's not like they necessarily need someone to be in charge of them. It seems like it's more a formality thing now than anything and someone to go through.

Just some things to ponder. Luckily it all worked out and Paget was able to come back. Though it could have been kind of interesting to see some possible conflict with someone new taking over (though I would prefer Prentiss in the long run).
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