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Uch - we can turn this into an M:I III thread, but the over-hype of the film is turning me off (and you definitely sound like a publicist).

Did you all hear about the snafoo with the recorders?

Actually - I shouldn't laugh because I honestly would have thought they were bombs, too. About 400 recorders were placed around Southern Californian newspaper stands so that when you opened them to get a newspaper they'd play the M:I III theme music.

Trouble is, some broke or fell off and they were red with wires sticking out - so people thought they were bombs...and now that I'm writing this it isn's so funny as idiotic on the part of those advertising the film.

This is all ruining the fun for me and I was having a hard enough time getting over Tom Cruise's personal life nonsense (try to avoid it but it's everwhere!).
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