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Modern Fairytale [NateღJenny] #500 + Reunion- Why do we still care so much? Because. ♥

w e l c o m e t o t h e 500th
n a t h a n i e l f i t z w i l l i a m a r c h i b a l d & j e n n i f e r t a l l u l a h h u m p h r e y
a p p r e c i a t i o n t h r e a d + REUNION!


Once upon a time in the grand city of NEW YORK, there lived NATE ARCHIBALD, a wealthy Upper East Side boy who appeared to have it all.
On the other side of the tracks in Brooklyn lived JENNY HUMPHREY, a girl who longed to fit in with her wealthy classmates.
Their story began as most fairytales do, at a BALL, where Jenny, the young Cinderella, and Nate, the young Prince Charming met via an accidental KISS.
This moment paved the way for a true FRIENDSHIP to form, with Jenny being the VOICE OF REASON on Nate’s family problems, and Nate being Jenny’s KNIGHT in shining armor.
When Nate took residence at the Humphrey loft, it didn’t take long for the line to be BLURRED between friendship and romance.
Alas, before things could get off the ground with our fated lovers, they were TORN APART and left to pursue life on their own.
After Jenny’s dreams of becoming Queen of the UES came true, and Nate became the BMOC at Columbia, they REUNITED at another ball.
This time, it was Jenny’s Cotillion, where Nate STOOD BY HER SIDE as a last-second escort.
This, along with another act of chivalry on Nate’s end, ignited a friendship that was STRONGER than any past misunderstandings.
However, it also brought on a case of unrequited love for Jenny, and a SERIES OF OBSTACLES, which led her to an act that not even Nate could save her from.
It caused her to FLEE THE KINGDOM she wanted to rule, and the boy she loved more than anyone.
It took a WEDDING years later for Jenny and Nate to be in the same place again.
Though it’s not known where they stand, their story is a MODERN FAIRYTALE, and well, you know what they say about fairytales…

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(master fanfiction list)

t h r e a d f a v o r i t e s
by Dalal

Nate pulled an inch away, his eyes taking in her face. He touched the corner of her lip with their entwined hands, his thumb stroking it softly. "What do I mean to you, Jenny?" He asked quietly, softly, sweetly, vulnerably. If her heart had repaired itself it would have broken, but it was still just ashes. Jenny closed her eyes for a moment, breathed in, breathed out, opened them again.

The moments passed and he took in her eyes that had turned cold once more. "Tell me what I mean to you, Jenny." Nate said again, his voice demanding and assertive and even alarmed now. His grip tightened on her hand.

"Nothing," she found herself responding, and the bottles that held her memories of him were cast out to sea.

There was a moment and then his hand dropped hers. "Hope you're warm now," he said in a hoarse voice, stepping away from her, turning, and leaving without another word.

She felt the cold air hit her body like a tidal wave.

Can't Stay Away
by IsisIzabel

Jenny looked into his eyes, less than an inch from her own. Her breath hitched slightly, staggered by the intensity of his gaze. “It seems like I’m always thanking you for something.”

“Then I guess it’s a good thing I don’t mind helping you.” He chuckled softly under his breath. He inhaled deeply. She smelled sweet, utterly feminine scent as it filled him, consumed him.

“I guess so,” Jenny agreed, her gaze dropping to his lips unconsciously. She licked her own lips tentatively. Before she could give her sense of reason a chance to stop her, she closed the distance between them, pressing her lips to his.

The kiss was every bit as sweet as the one nearly two weeks earlier, but there was more to it. It wasn’t reckless and driven by a series of chaotic events. It was more about them being together in this moment. There was more control, and more need.

She needed this.

Clair de Lune
by Dr. Holland

"We're here," announced Blair. "Jenny, remember everything I've told you. Break a leg!"

"Showtime," Chuck added. "Nate, you can do this. This is your time."

The limo came to a stop on the curb, and the door lock switched off. Before he realized what he was doing, Nate squeezed Jenny's hand.

"Take a deep breath," he told her. "Here we go..."

And as soon as Arthur opened the door, they saw the cameras. Nate got out of the limo first, only releasing Jenny's hand long enough to step onto the sidewalk. Then he reached in and helped Jenny out...

...and couldn't help the smile that spread across his face at the sight of her.

That sweater becomes her, he thought. And so does that coat...those pants...that hair...everything. She's an angel.

An angel with enormous, sparkling, astonishingly compelling eyes. And, in the eyes of the world from this moment on, at least for now, she was his angel.

And those were this thoughts when he kissed her.

The Wedding Date
by bellarke



"You were staring."

"Oh," he caught himself and looked at the floor. "Sorry. I'm tired." Liar, he told himself. He was about to speak when she checked her phone again, and his agitation came flooding back. "Why are you waiting on him?"

"Excuse me?"

"Baizen. I already told you, he's not worth it."

"Why does it matter?" Jenny asked, matching his attitude and then some. "It's not your business."

"He's not worth it, Jenny." Nate repeated, ignoring her when she rolled her eyes. For whatever reason, she'd stopped denying it. And that made him even angrier. "He's not good enough for you!"

"And who is?" Jenny chastised. "I can make my own decisions."

"Your history with men begs to differ."

Jenny half-laughed, half-glowered at him. "You want to talk about dating history? We'll have to reschedule. Not sure your list of exes could fit in this apartment."

It was Nate's turn to glower.

"This isn't about me."

"I'm sorry, are you offended?" Jenny snarked.

My Only Offer
by Pulpvintage

She studied Nate closely, her voice faint with disbelief, “Are you mad at me?”

“I’m not mad, Jenny, I just thought-”

That she still had feelings for you?

Nate ran the tip of his tongue over his lips that had gone paper dry.

“I just thought you were a lot smarter than that—” He turned away from her, “I mean, God, you only knew the guy for a day, hell, not even-”

“How could I have possibly known, Nate? I had no idea!” Jenny exclaimed incredulously with open hands, and Nate bit back a cruel laugh.

“Really, Jenny? No idea at all? It didn’t seem just a little weird to you that some stranger who’s never spoken to you, never uttered a word to you in your two years of attending Constance, all of a sudden, starts speaking to you after what happened? Takes you out to lunch the same day? It never occurred to you to ask yourself why some guy with six silver spoons up his ass would be interested in someone like you if not for a way to spend the night?”

At his words, Jenny nodded slowly, bit down at her bottom lip hard, her legs suddenly shaking, her shoulders lurching forward as a rebellious sob escaped the corners of her mouth.

Nate instantly felt regret seize him by the neck like a hand.


f e a t u r e d v i d e o

+ m o r e v i d e os
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

It's been 8 years since we last had a thread celebration and it was nice to be able to reflect on all the memories- both good and bad. This soundtrack features of mix of songs that played during iconic NJ scenes as well as songs from old NJ soundtracks and new songs inspired by their enduring relationship. Gossip Girl might be long over, but their modern fairytale will live on in all of us. Happy 500 everyone! We finally did it! -Susan [9-30-18]

t r a c k l i s t i n g
be the lightning in me that strikes relentless
(off-linked to official artist YT channels)

1. Taylor Swift- This Love
2. Florence + the Machine- Sky Full of Song
3. Lorde- Supercut
4. Jimmy Eat World- half heart
5. Avril Lavinge- Innocence
6. Turin Brakes- Dark on Fire
7. The Fray- Say When
8. Anya Marina- Whatever You Like
9. The Chainsmokers feat. Coldplay- Something Just Like This
10. Imogen Heap- Speeding Cars
11. Kid A- Trampled Youth
12. Massive Attack- Paradise Circus
13. Snow Patrol- What if This Storm Ends (The Lightning Strike)


t h r e a d m i l e s t o n e s (old gg board)

s o c i a l m e d i a
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