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I like both of the suggested color schemes! One made me think of marvel and the other made me think of the water which is where Tandy and Tyrone met

In my own opinion I think Tandy and Tyrone are the only characters that need to be present. That's not to say the other characters aren't important or they don't play a role in the show. But some are only there for half of the episodes or just a few and I have no idea what the size of their roles will be next season. And yes they do play significant roles in Ty and Tandy's life, but that still proves the point that it's all about Ty and Tandy. Everyone is there to further along their development. The only other show I can recall that focused so heavily on two characters is Supernatural. I haven't watched it in awhile, but even though other characters showed up in that show it was always about Dean and Sam. Always. Every now and then it was about other characters, but the two brothers was what the show was about. So! That's my two cents! I'll leave it up to the graphics makers and what works best for them!
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