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I think the parents (Adina, Otis, Melissa) only rank behind O'Reilly in terms of importance. While they don't have much screen time they're important to Tyrone and Tandy emotional development, as lot of the two's issues are related to their relationships with their parents.

Originally Posted by blaↄkpink (View Post)
If other people need to be added to the banner, either to fill it up or because other posters want it, then I think we can at least eliminate some characters that really don't need to be there. Like the Priest who was hardly in the show
I think Delgado is worth keeping in consideration, aside from O'Reilly he's the only other supporting character who's actually from the comics. And apparently he's confirmed to return next season. Mina and Evita might be worth thinking about too.

If more characters are needed, making them smaller than Tyrone and Tandy is a good compromise.

Shades of gray makes the most sense if black and white are too high contrast.

A couple black and white pictures of Tyrone and Tandy. What do you guys think about using black and white photos instead of colour?
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