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Originally Posted by shinebrighterxx (View Post)
If you went with just the two characters are there any symbols or other images which could fill up the space a little more? Or do they have any costumes/alter egos which could also be added in?

We could also make the other characters a lot smaller than the leads to show their importance
I'm not sure how good this photo is because the coloring is a bit darker, but it does show them using their powers so it could work as an "alter ego" type of idea. There could be a better quality of that somewhere.

If other people need to be added to the banner, either to fill it up or because other posters want it, then I think we can at least eliminate some characters that really don't need to be there. Like the Priest who was hardly in the show, Liam (younger blonde haired guy), and Connors (older white cop) since he has been a defeated evil at this point.

eta; also here is an extra option for Tyrone and Tandy! It's basically all the photos that were already linked, but with an added solo shot for each in case that's useful!
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