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Originally Posted by JJH85 (View Post)
I was thinking the exact same thing. I never understood what overreaction she was talking about.
I watched that scene like 5 more times and I think she was referring to how Pacey reacted to Dawson accusing him of having an affair with Joey. The quote from the last hang man game. I don't think Pacey would have had this type of reaction if he didn't have feelings for Joey.

Dawson: How do you know what I think?
Pacey: Well, because man it's written all over your face, okay? Yes, me and Joey have been spending a lot of time together recently, because we've been here trying to learn how to ballroom dance and then she's teaching me a little trigonometry. You know what's much more interesting to me is that out of all the possible blond and brunette combinations, of women you and I both know, the first one that popped into your mind is Joey, now why is that, do you think?
Dawson: Pacey, you're not going to get out of this by attempting to psychoanalyze me.
Pacey: I'm just asking a simple question. I mean, Dawson, you and Joey...she's not your girlfriend anymore.
Dawson: Right, she's not.
Pacey:: then why are we having this conversation? See where I'm going with this? I mean, you're the same guy who told me a couple weeks ago that the two of you just needed to go your separate ways.
Dawson: Yeah, we do need to go our separate ways, it just never occurred to me that...
Pacey: That what? That she would actually go her separate way too...or perhaps it didn't occur to you that her separate way would include a stop over at me, is that what it is? God, man, this is the way it always is with you, you talk and talk but you don't listen to yourself. I mean, you say you're over her, but you're not. They're just words. They don't mean anything to you.
Dawson: You don't know what you're talking about.
Pacey: [Scoffs and turns and gestures over at Joey, who is dancing with an old man] Look at that girl, Dawson. Just take a good look, she's a freaking goddess, man, how long did you think it was going to be before some guy comes along and is interested in her, I mean really dude, and when that happens, what are you going to do?
Dawson: I-I'm just going to take it all as it comes.
Pacey: You're going to take is at it comes, hombre, well perhaps you should start figuring out right now, because the guy that comes along is not going to be your best friend and he's not going to ask for your permission, the guy that comes along is going to take one look at that woman and just cut right in on ya.
Dawson: What are you hiding, Pacey?
Pacey: What?
Dawson: Because all this analysis on my love life doesn't change the fact that you haven't answered my original question, why did I find that condom?
Pacey: Why do I bother? [Turns around and walks away]
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