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I know there are People on Greys Anatomy, who still ship Alex/Meredith, even though it has been made clear off and on screen after 15 Seasons, that they are just best Friends. Those are poor Souls.

I would still watch the Show, even if they killed Bellamy, Octavia, Raven or Murphy (and Clarke). Im in until the last second.

Aww i loved TATBILB.

Thanks for the Links Sarah! Time to go reading.

Edit: I loved The Before and the After and The Infinite Ways. The first one would actually have been a Good Idea. Not just Madi telling Bellamy in like 2 seconds without proper Reaction from Clarke and such, but really Hearing them a bit and Clarke getting all shaked up because that was a hard Time and she was vulnerable there and the confrontation in front of everyone and with Bellamy there..Eliza, Bob and Lola would have acted out such a Scene so well.
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