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Oh no, i didnt know that About IB on Twitter. Thanks for mentioning their negaitivity, April! Then im fine with them stepping down too. I follow Bellarke Buzz too

My Friend finished Season 1 and im amazed by her Thoughts About Bellarke. I would have never believed before she would ship them that way because she loves to analyze Things, but dislikes shippers most of the time. Guess she couldnt resist Bellamys Charm and Clarke great Character. It also helps that she already loves Bob Welcome to the club.

However, let's put it this way, it's been pretty clear that Bellamy likes Clarke a great deal more than he likes most people, and likes Finn a great deal less than most people who aren't enemies.
I cracked up at this:

and she managed to soften him and change his opinion and make him leave with the others. In other words, how things usually between them in their totally platonic partnership that's all about co-leadership and what the group needs, and nothing else, even though it so often looks like something else, nope sir, nothing to see there, move along.
The show has, at the very least since episode 8 if not even before, constantly been playing with this subtext of the Bellamy/Clarke relationship. Call it ship baiting, ship teasing, slow burn, subtext, whatever, but while it's never explicit, it's so obvious that it's impossible not to notice. (I always get a chuckle when Liam Duke - who's not even generally into shipping, and his favorite character is Jasper - says "Make out!" in his YT reactions every time those two have one of those one-on-one scenes.) And many of the situations between Finn, Clarke and Bellamy, in his episode and others, were played very much like a love triangle.without explicitly making it one.
It will be very interestig too see how she reacts to the Event of Season 2 because so much happens. Finn, Lexa, Bellamy/Clarke seperated. She is used to them being together the whole of Season 1 so i guss she wont like it when they get seperated for so Long in Season. Or she will like it because it is interesting and she likes both chracters individually? I dont know. Readingher comments made me not only remember how amazing Bellarke was in Season 1, but also how much i liked Clarke back then. I hope in Season 6, i can like Clarke again, while still loving Bellarke.
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