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Thanks for the video, Linda. We all need some pick-me-up right now and videos do the trick.

Originally Posted by LindaL100 (View Post)
I can understand...even with all the many Bellarke hints we've had since the beginning, it seems more and more likely that Bellarke might never happen and that Jason is just playing with all of us fans and dangling all the Bellarke moments in our faces just to gain ratings. So it's understandable that some fans have grown tired with all the baiting and manipulating from Jason, and have given up, which is very sad But despite some shippers giving up, many other fans seem to still hold on hope that Bellarke would eventually happen, including myself, I still think Bellarke would probably happen at the very end of the show, I haven't given up on Bellarke!
It is truly very sad ... it's one thing to let it play out organically, quite another to drag it out just for the sake of it and then pretend that you never tried to bait fans. People are just DONE and tired of it, I can't say that I blame them. (as long as they don't actively campaign for the show's cancellation and all) I'm glad that you're still positive though ... we need more of that right now. I myself am having a really hard time with that, this is the worst that I've felt in the three years that I've loved this show and shipped Bellarke, TBH.

Originally Posted by April7739 (View Post)
I truly am concerned for viewership heading into season 6, I will admit, but if people choose to quit watching, fine. But this whole writing an essay explaining why you’re leaving the fandom and shutting the account down, stating your interpretations of the season as facts . . . ugh, it drives me up the wall. Just say, “Due to our dissatisfaction with the way season 5 was written and our disappointment in the way some cast members and the show creator have expressed their opinions, we’ve chosen to deactivate our account indefinitely. Thanks for the support for all these years, and best of luck to those who continue with the show.” Boom, short and sweet. No need to rehash all the issues and drag the fandom down further in the process.

Whatever. Bellarke Buzz quickly became a better Twitter account to follow anyway.

I cannot recommend enough just leaving Twitter and Tumblr if you feel brought down by the negativity, you guys. It’s so . . . freeing.
Agreed, April. I voiced it out to them and they're entitled to how they want to feel, of course. But I just think that there's a more dignified way to go about things ... which they didn't. And I didn't read the full statement TBH, just that they decided to shut IB down but yeah, I've been focusing on Bellarke Buzz anyway and that is a better source this year in any case.

I'm officially leaving Twitter, it's too depressing going through my feed these days ... I'll still be updated via one of the general Twitter accounts for the show and still interact with some followers but that's it. Tumblr is okay though, I mainly reblog GIFsets and there's less negativity (on my dash, at least) so that's fine.
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