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As for George from "The White Queen", well, maybe I'm weird, but for me he wasn't, like, 100% villain, I have pretty mixed feelings about him
I mean it was a combination of how history views him, how Philippa Greogry wrote his character and how the character was adapted for the TV show. I felt it was a shame that we didn't get many scenes between David/George and Eleanor/Isabel alone. I mean there was the one in the beginning, where she teased that there are all those Woodville girls and they all want marriages and he asks her if that's not what she wants too. In a way it read hostile and maybe it was because George's ambitions were constantly curbed by Edward and later when he married Isabel, her father basically tried to pull his strings like a puppet but couldn't make anything happen for him. After the first few years, when George was back at court and got Anne's guardianship (or even before that actually), one gets the impression that he and Isabel – not reconciled because I don't think they were actually at odds except for her grief about their lost baby but you get the feeling that they are on really good terms and she supports him fully. And even though when she is dead, he thinks –*because he is an opportunitst, that a second marriage would be a brilliant idea – the way David played George you also believe that he genuinely feels a profound loss and deep grief because of Isabel's death. Despite him hating Elizabeth for so long, he must have understood how absolutely problematic his actions and accusations would be, and that it would be highly unlikely that anyone would back him to the point where he'd find any sort of success or vindication. It made me wonder, he wasn't exactly stable before but this loss of his wife whom he realised in death that he had actually really loved... that cost him his sanity altogether. I thought David portrayed that marvellously.

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So far I've only watched the first season of 'Victoria' and I like it fine but I think it's a bit a show of lost opportunities. For instance, I wish they wouldn't have just made it about Victoria but perhpas started sooner with Charlotte. And covered more of the Regency period. And even if not and if it's only about Victoria, I feel like there are pieces missing like her half-sister Feodora whom she loved dearly. Instead it often feels they try to make way in the plot for all the stuff going on with the staff and in the kitchens so it can be a substitute for 'Upstairs Downstairs' or 'Downton Abbey'.
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