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Originally Posted by Jemima668 (View Post)
Thanks for all these answers and informations, Alex.
And sorry for this mistake . When I hear "Alex" I mostly think about girl.
By the way, Alexander is a very beautiful name, in my opinion. For me it sounds so hmmm mysterious xD.
I have similar feelings for names like Victor, Kevin, David or Joshua.
You're very welcome, Jemima! Aww, and it's okay. Don't worry about it. Like I said, a lot of people on FF have assumed that I was a girl.

Thank you. My mom named me after a TV spy on an old television show she liked when she was young. I kind of like my name as well.

Originally Posted by Jemima668 (View Post)
So you and Nina live in USA, but Nina is from France? Cool.
I so wish I could visit France one day, especially Paris.
Are you and Nina seeing each other in person? I mean, in real life?
Yes, I'm from the USA and Nina is from France, but she's currently living in the USA because of her job. And no, Nina and I do not live anywhere near each other. She's in New York and I'm much farther south, just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We only know each other from Fan Forum. We've never met in person. I live very far away from her.

Aww, I hope you can visit France too, one day. I've never been there either.

Originally Posted by Jemima668 (View Post)
Oh, so that's OTP means, "One True Pairing" . I should guess that, silly me . As for LOL, OMG, BFF, BTW, GIF, FYI and WTF, then I already know these abbreviations xD. But TTYL (Talk To You Later) and TFTNT (Thanks For The New Thread) I see for the first time.

Thanks for these links. Maybe I will upload some funny/cool (in my opinion ) fanvideos someday.

Yep, OTP means One True Pairing. Okay. I wasn't sure which internet acronyms you already knew and which ones you didn't. I Hardly knew anything when I first came to FF other than LOL and OMG. And you're welcome. I hope you can upload some videos whenever you have the chance, or any arts you might want to post.
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