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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising (View Post)
Hi, Nina! Hi, May!

Hi, Jemima!

Oh, so you live in Poland? Then you're one hour ahead of Arinna. She's in Bulgaria.

Yes, we have daylight savings time here too, and we go back an hour in November.

Thanks for the info on Trinity. Yeah, I forgot I did see the wiki link.
Hi, Alex

So Arinna is from Bulgaria? Nice.
So indeed I'm one hour ahead.

Can I ask you a few questions, girls?

First one is for you, Alex, and for Nina.
So right now I know that Arinna is from Bulgaria, but I don't know from where are you two. If it's not a secret, then could you tell me?

Second one is for Nina.
What "OTP" means? I'm asking, because you mentioned that Matthew/Caitlyn and Rose/Bennet would be (or they are) your OTP.
And I don't quite understand what it means.

And third question is for all of you .
I like to watch some fanvideos and fanarts etc. And I have a question about it, do you have here a different thread for fanvideos and fanarts with David/Juan, or are you uploading links for them here in this thread?
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