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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising (View Post)
But are you saying that Lucrezia didn't long for Cesare before they had sex? It seemed like she did when she tired to seduce him in her bedroom while naked. That was before their sex scene.
Hi Alex! Oh yeah, she longed for him from their first scene! But having sex with him triggered massive rushes of dopamine in her brain and that's when she fell over the cliff in love with him.

She spied on him having sex, cause she wanted him. It wasn't the first time she'd spied on him either - "a fine lady, another one!, she teased him. Spying on him repeatedly wasn't simply curiosity - she wanted to be his lover. He left the window over his bed unlatched, because he wanted her to watch and to look at his naked aroused manhood - he wanted her to see & desire him as a man, cause he saw & desired her as a woman.

Stendhal's book "On Love", describes how men and women fall in love differently. There are 7 stages: 1 Admiration, 2 A voice within that wonders "what pleasures could she bring me?, 3 Hope, 4 Love is born (infatuation stage), 5 The first crystallization: "She is mine!", 6 Doubt "But does she really love me?" He starts pressing her for proof (usually sex). If she gives in too soon, he loses interest. The last and most critical stage - 7 the second crystallization.

People in love who are in long-term relationships can cycle thru these stages repeatedly, as Ces did when he feared losing Lu to another husband.

He was going thru the doubt stage when he kissed her in the armory. He feared she would fall in love with Alf He needed proof she was still his, so he kissed her. She gave him even more proof later, didn't she?

The timing of that first kiss said so much about Ces. She was taking a second husband, one she'd said she could love, and going to Naples. He couldn't let her go, so he marked her with that kiss. He knew kissing her would change their relationship forever, making it explicitly sexual and romantic.
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