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As much as I want to know about Allison. I don’t want to know too.

I had read what Michael had said about her. And at first I was really disappointed in what he had said. Thinking yet again it just proves how fake Hollywood is. I’m your BFF for as long as we are working together. Or what I can get out of you. But then I watched him. And reading it and hearing him speak give off 2 different interpretations. At least that’s how it comes off to me.

And I liked how he tried to stay neutral in his opinions too. To many times when someone you cared about does something really wrong. They drop you. Want nothing to do with you. And try to distance themselves from the situation. But why can’t you just be they weren’t that way with me or around me. I only knew this sweet person.

I really wish this hadn’t happened to her. I had such high hopes for what she could have become. I just want her to get better.
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