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I totally agree! I remember watching it thinking what did they do to Roswell!

I almost feel they should of started with Changes and worked backwards.

Or at least we get episodes of the lost summer and how Max and Liz rekindled their romance.

We also could of seen how Max was dealing with trying to get his son back. I almost feel like in the beginning of Busted he totally forgot about the kid!

We also could of seen how Isabel dealt with her grief and how she found confront in Jessie instead of bam Isabel is back to making out with an older guy again. (Remember Grant in season 2)

It also would of made sense as to why she changed her hair color. yes it was a trend in 2002 but it also could of symbolized her wanting to runaway from her alien side because Alex died because of it.

Anyway I wanted more build up in season 3 instead of the shocker of Busted. Yes they wanted ratings for the network but I think it would be been more intense if we saw them breaking the law with a reason behind it first.

That is why I loved Skin and Bones. I loved how Max does the voice over when he is in therapy. It brings it all back and set up for the rest of the season nicely. It was slow but the ending was a shocker. I know after watching that episode I was hooked on Roswell.

I got into Roswell in season 2.Hence my user name Roswell 10/2/00 it was the date of the season 2 premiere. It is also my Grandpa's Birthday so it is a nice way to honor him as well.
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