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Pedestrians {Hil&Austin / Peyton/Julian} #4: Because do you know what the best thing is about a paper jam?

Welcome to the 4th Julian Baker & Peyton Sawyer And Austin Nichols & Hilarie BurtonAppreciation Thread

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Because do you know what the best thing is about a paper jam?
Because she thought he was charismatic
Because he really wanted to take the saddest girl in the world as his date
Because they made the best out of it
Because he'll get her, and she is way sexier than Sundance
Because he never really recovered

Some You Give Away by coconut16
Medocino County Line by smc-27
Good Arms Vs Bad Arms by Clockwork-Hobo101



by bitterkidxsweety

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  1. Because they both think Betty White is a babe



Hilarie on Austin
"And then the talented Mr. Nichols showed up. He is the real deal guys."

“Mr. Nichols exhibits that overwhelming combination of charisma and mystery.
He is the man who has learned every crew member's name and is respected for his kindness.
He hides away on the weekends, and is a master of rumors.
He is an artist, that takes pride in exploring and exposing all the layers of his characters' personalities.
He uses pet names for women that are old-fashioned and funny.
He is someone you can talk to all day, and still be completely stumped by.”

"Mr. Nichols - I call him that because I have
the utmost respect for Mr. Austin Nichols.
To be perfectly honest, I really didn't know
if he and I were going to get along when we first
met. He was too beautiful. And beautiful men frighten me!
But Mr. Nichols is a nerdy, brainy, eccentric man in

"...Coincidence doesn't exist
for Mr. Nichols. He is a magnet, and the earth is drawn to him..."

Austin on Hilarie
"A smart, beautiful producer lady handed me a script
one day. Her name is Hilarie Burton. The script,
PEDESTRIAN. People hand me a lot of scripts and
most of the time, they are less than extraordinary.
This script was light years beyond extraordinary.
After I read the opening monologue, I sent the pretty
producer lady
a text message. It said something like this.


"The pretty producer lady asked me 67 times if I was
serious about doing the movie. You can't fault her for
that. This business is full of fickle frauds.

She just wasn't used to the chivalrous, strong, honest,
straight-forward, my-word-is-stronger-than-oak, Texas
gentlemanly promise that I handed her. And I understand,
it's quite intimidating."




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