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I loved Michael talking about what happened with Allison... also I completely agree with Michael on not getting why actors date on tv series.
Although he understands it from a movie because usually the movie is ending... whereas with a tv series, it can last for a long time and than if a break up happens, it's an issue.

Anyway back to Allison, Micheal said she was the nicest professional on set so it was so shocking what happened... and how he ran into a Smallville director and they both looked at each other in shock.

He did mention how the only thing he heard of was that Allison was doing some self help stuff, and he thought that it sounded like a cult thing but didn't bring it up. lol
But he did say that Allison mentioned the organization she was in and he didn't listen much to it because it wasn't for him.

Allison unfortunately has been in the recruiting for awhile. Pretty sad.

Michael was also correct in saying though that you NEVER TRULY KNOW SOMEONE!
It doesn't believe how someone comes across, you just don't ever really known anyone.

Which is one of the main reasons I always separate the actor from the characters. I know the characters but I don't know the actors.... unfortunately it's that way.

Also, Michael said he didn't really spend much time with Allison so he didn't know that well, but she was sweet from all the interactions he knew of her.

I loved that Michael said that Allison was young though so maybe she could have been mind controlled by believing something some one was telling her, and it makes him sad because how sweet she was.

Michael and Theo Von both said that they believe the the cult leader Kieth Rainere took advantage of all these young women in the group.

I would DEFINITELY give this a listen.

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