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Penny makes some strawberry shake with chocolate syrup and sprinkles. She needed four large eggs so she is trying to convince the hens to lay some eggs by getting a feather that Melinda used to find a cure for headaches. So many attempts to get the first golden glob of goo have a long waiting time and all require a brief second helping of blueberry pancakes. Friday was Prue's twenty-second birthday. She wore a bright yellow sundress to the party. Several guests began to arrive early, surprising Piper and Leo. The pancakes and waffles smelled of blueberry which reminded them of Patty during their only vacation in Hawaii. They had a luau and danced through early days. They said that lava was flowing and creating new rocks for several of the other islands. Phoebe was overjoyed when her other girlfriend decided to make laulau with other ways, for Piper and all of the Quake that worked with Chef that was always known what the special ingredients for stromboli and roast beef. Unfortunately when it all came to the pastry shop Chef Ramsey laughed at Prue over all of the only one prepared meal for all special friends, who they previously met during in power summoning past noon. Meanwhile, Victor sneaked in his old guitar and started to see his fellow bandmate, from college, playing poker for candy. "So he couldn't find his stopwatch before noon was struck. Any how, I made potions for use of secrets to conjure more beings." Meanwhile the Halliwells cast several spells before going to Alcatraz. As long as the breakfast included eggs, biscuit, and some bacon than honey would make a girl do a dance for the audience and many relatives did clap for one song, performed by the last
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General: Lord Rahl? Darken Rahl: You served me well in life, General. It is my hope that you would do the same for the Keeper, now that you are dead.
G: I don't understand. DR: It's quite simple. The Keeper of the Underworld wants to make you an offer.

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