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Originally Posted by jwsel (View Post)
Thanks. I'll look at those links.

Also, there also are some fics on AO3 and a number of the old sites can be accessed through the Wayback Machine, though they can be tricky to navigate and sometimes if a story is on multiple pages, you'll find that only some parts were captured. But here are a few of the better preserved sites I've found:

Cover Me (2005 capture, fics for all ships)

Festival of Fic (2002 capture, contest for fics for different ships with links to various sites, some working, some not) The First Annual Festival of Fanfiction for Alias

Omega-17 (2004 variety of ships)

Credit Dauphine (2002 S/V fics) The Vault

Sarkney Fic Awards (2004 capture. mix of working/non-working links)

Aequabilis (2005 Jack/Irina G, PG and PG-13) (the boxes on the right of the screen don't say what they are, but through trial and error, you can find fics sorted by title and by author. most are working links)

The Glass Cage (2004 - Jack/Irina R and NC-17 fics. most are working links)

Nocturnal Activities (2005 Jack-fic) (a lot of these are on other sites):
Yes, Cover Me was one of the fanfic archives I was thinking about, but I could not remember the name of it. "Allies" was another one but I cannot find a link to it.

RocknVaughn, Old Romantic, mga1999, angvau57 were some of the big names I remember in fan fiction - however there were so many others.

Here is another archive

I hope that helps!
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