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That scene should have been about Bellamy standing up for himself against Octavia, not him defending Echo. Period. The first time we get to see that, and it's about someone else.

Originally Posted by TaraJoyful (View Post)
It's not really about Bellamy defending his girlfriend. It's the fact that Octavia was the victim of her multiple times, and he brushes off the fact that she's still upset. Bellamy has plenty of reasons to confront Octavia about her past behavior over the years, but this is something she actually has a right to be mad about.

He states that it took him 3 years to forgive Echo up in space, but insists that Octavia should let it go immediately.

I'm not saying that Octavia should have banished her, but all of her concerns regarding Echo during their fight were very valid. She doesn't know this new Echo so she has no reason to trust her.
Agreed 100%.

Frankly, Bellamy brushing off Octavia's concerns about his now girlfriend bugged me because really dude, she tried killing her twice so I feel Octavia here. I wouldn't have forgiven her instantly either and he expected her to do it after reuniting with him for a few days? Really now. I have issues with Octavia's general treatment of Bellamy but I can't fault her here.

Agreed that she should not have banished her immediately but I have no issue with how she acted, other than that.
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