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This is tough for me. I know for sure that season 1 is my favorite. It was so heartwarming, ever episode was so interesting and kept me on my toes wanting more.

But between the other 3 seasons I really dont know because they all have their faults.

Like, season 2 sucked in terms of lack of E/A and the relationships we had there, but I thought a lot of the episodes were still amazing quality and I really loved seeing EA come together at the end. It still felt like everwood to me.

Season 3 is where some episodes started going off track imo and the madison baby thing was too sappy for the show but at the same time, I really loved seeing E/A together in a relationship. I disliked a lot of storylines but out was also a very entertaining season.

and season 4 had some really great moments and scenes, but it also felt a bit fillery to me at times and the lack of EA was very hard to take. So I just really am not sure.

I think I like season 3 slightly over season 4, and then season 4 slightly over season 2 but they ere all good.
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