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Originally Posted by Butterfly85 (View Post)
I wish she had her own board. I loved her on KC Undercover, she was great in The Greatest Showman, I'm glad she is in the MCU (liked her character Michelle and I hope she has a bigger part in the Spiderman sequels) and I love her romance or friendship (whichever it is lol) with Tom Holland. I also love her fashion as well, I usually don't care about fashion but she never wears one bad thing.
She was also amazing on Dancing with the Stars. I just like to go back sometimes and rewatch her performances.

Do you mean you liked Zendaya's character's (Michelle) romance/friendship with Tom Holland's character? Or are you talking about rl here? Because if we're talking about that I'd like to point out the cuteness that is her and Zac Efron in TGS.

Her fashion is fantastic. I'm glad she designs her own clothes, and that anyone can wear them, like bigger people too.
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