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An art featuring a Present TV Show

An art featuring the four seasons (any or all of them)

Make 3 different icons using 1 picture

Make a Picspam of a scene from a tv episode

McGee: Abby I'm almost done here, where's that next batch?
Abby: Coming. | McGee: It's okay. Abby, it's okay.
Abby: No, it's not. We have work to do.
McGee: Abby, slow down. | Abby: I can't. | McGee: Let me.

An art featuring a Past TV Show
» i've weathered all these storms, but i just turn them into wind so i can fly,
if what don't kill you makes you stronger, when i take my last breath, that's
when i'll just give up, so go ahead & take your best shot, let 'er rip, give it all
you've got, you might win this round but you can't keep me down
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