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Nope, not the cute little troll dolls. Still have some, though. It's just fun to play with his trolls, cause they get so mad and start name calling.

that inventory is going fast. I'm glad your day is going better than yesterday. I like being able to see progress in work I do, too. I'm just happy to hear you're doing better.

I'm okay. I'm about to take a little nap. I will absolutely be back tonight.

I wonder what happened to Claire. She hasn't been back around, on any of the usual boards.

ETA-JINX Claire. Funny, I was just posting asking where you were. I'm glad you had fun running with the kids.

MarissaAngell! Is that the name you go by, or do you have a name you like to be called?

Hot here. Lots of typical afternoon thunderstorms.
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