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Kristen/Dax #17: "Life is a rollercoaster and we want to hold hands through it"

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Kristen/Dax #16: "We've chosen to love one another and to be a team"
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b/c They had the "World's Worst Wedding"

Here are 11 seconds of one of my happiest days. Driving in the '67 Lincoln to the courthouse, listening to #brettdennen on a mix My Valentine made especially for this particular ride. I'm filled with excitement and nervous energy. And then he floors it- just to make me giggle.

I love you with my whole heart, @daxshepard - for everything you are and all that you have taught me. Happy Valentine's day. #happyvalentinesday #valentines #valentinesday
“Does 2 + 2 = 4? No! Because two cats plus two sausages is what? Two cats. Two drops of water plus two drops of water? One drop of water.”
They're like so in love
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