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Okay episode but not my favorite. Not a lot happens really.

I didnt like them twisting Clay's words around on the stand but it seems that everyone is saying the wrong thing. Doesnt look like Hannah's parents are going to win the case against the school. The flashback scenes with Clay and Hannah were really sweet, and wow, Clay uploaded the tapes online. Wonder what the consequences of that will be. Oh and I loved seeing Jeff in the flashbacks too.

Alex yelling "rapist" in the hallway at Bryce was freaking EVERYTHING! I know it hurt Jessica but I loved that moment so much. Bryce is such a freaking ass. They all were having a sweet friend moment and he had to go and ruin it. Alex in the entire episode was pretty sad. What a sad birthday party. I want him to get better.

Not much Tyler in this episode but now he wants to go after Zach? Huh? Like, why are they doing after freaking Bryce!?

I feel so bad for Bryce's girlfriend. Its obvious shes always trying to get out of having sex with him. And that sex scene was really uncomfortable to watch. SHE DIDNT WANT TO SLEEP WITH YOU DUDE. Ugh. He is just so gross, it gives me the creeps. (I feel bad for the actor because he probably gets so much hate in real life) I wonder why she doesn't just break up with him. Maybe she is afraid of how he will react if she does.

Caleb and Tony scene was cute but man, talk about rushed. We had one scene of Caleb subtly flirting with Tony (and this was also the first scene we really had with his character). Then the next episode we see them getting coffee together. And now they are kissing? IDK, it was too quick for me. I still think they are cute but I wish the writers would focus on Tony more. Hes always barely in the episodes. I want more Justin too. There is just too much Clay and Hannah this season. Luckily I think Justin's episode is the next one.

Andy is such a douche! Kissing his ex wife (who he ten minutes later wants to finalize a divorce with) while hes dating some new chick... and this is all right after the death of his daughter? He's disgusting. I mean, his wife is going through something really traumatic and he cant just stick out the trial and be there for her? He cant just freaking wait to start dating again. So annoying.
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