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Well I like it when people talk and plan it especially your first time it's something that you should talk about. You don't have to tell your partner your a virgin but at least your inexperienced. That's just my opinion
I just felt it was super forced. Like, her and Zach were just becoming friends again and then she springs it on him. I personally believe your first time should be with someone that you have been with for a while, unless you are out of highs cool. Then it should just be with someone you trust. They are still sophomores, going to juniors, I still think its a bit young to have sex, again, with someone thats not even your b/f.

With that said I think the z/h first time was sweet and they were safe and did it in a decent way, but the whole conversation for me was just awkward to watch lol.

I personally cant get on the zach/hannah train. I thought they were cute in season 1 but I dont like how their entire SL happened in one episodes time, I want build up. I know it was a flashback episode so it makes sense in the context of the show, but as a shipper i cant like a ship that I get in only 1 episodes time. IDK, it just moved over that SL so fast, its too hard fo me to be invested and I found some of the montage of scenes to be a bit cheesey. Plus it cheapens the hannah/clay relationship for me because hannah was clearly falling in love with someone else and probably had all these residual feelings for Zach.

They've really made Clay obnoxious this season, thats for sure. I loved Justin calling him a dumbass.

Alex got a hard on while "fighing"/"touching" Zach
Seriously, why are people just overlooking that? Was it just supposed to mean nothing. i find it strange he was fighting with Zach and then it happened, especially after all the comments about them being boyfriends and Zach telling him he would find the right girl and it would happen then. Seems like weird writing to me if its not supposed to be a SL there.
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