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For me:

season 1 - 10/10 (original season, everything felt so natural and real and i just loved all the characters and the storylines etc. i was the most hooked/invested this season)

season 3 - 10/10 (the "peak" of the show imo. Other than BL which i didnt ship, I liked the majority of the storylines and even though it was more dramatic this season it was good drama and fun to watch. I loved the relationships between everyone and the cliffhangers they had were great. great music this season too)

season 5 - 9/10 (most people dont agree with me but i personally adored season 5. i thought the time jump breathed some new life into the series. i personally loved the storyline for LP because i love the angst and i wanted to see them come back together. after episode 512 it went downhill a bit for me (513-516) but i still really enjoyed the season and it was shorter so it felt more cohesive to me. I adored season 5 brooke as well.)

season 2 - 8/10 (i did have some issues with this seaso, like the lack of LP stuff and too much focus on felix/anna... but for the most part it still felt vey much like oth to me and there were some really amazing episodes. I loved the storyline with dan and keith and BL were actually sweet this season imo. I too actually enjoyed the NH angst even if other people didnt)

season 4 - 8/10 - (this season definitely felt different to me compared to seasons 1-3 but i still really loved it. i loved the SL for LP a lot. There were some over the top episodes but some really memorable and enjoyable ones as well. I didnt love the BP drama but I did think it was well done.)

season 9 - 7.5/10 (this season is low because it was one of the later seasons and imo those were the worst of the series. They felt less like OTH and more fillery, but this season I actually enjoyed. I loved the nathan plot. It was a short season so it went by quickly and it was the last one so things were wrapped up well. I enjoyed the focus on Haley too and some of Brookes scenes. I thought the finale and 910 were some of the best oth episodes. I'm really excited to rewatch it.)

season 6 - 7/10 (i didnt hate it. There were some plots I enjoyed like LP of course. Their wedding episode is one of my favorites from the series. But tbh this is the season i lost interest in the show. I found most of the episodes very boring and dragging. I hated the nanny carrie episode, it was way too over the top. But at least it had the core 6 still and it should have ended in 624 with a bit more closure on some things.)

season 7 - 6.5/10 (the time jump in this one gave a bit of life to it and i enjoyed the new characters and the haleys mom plot. there were some solid episodes this season and i enjoyed it a lot more during my rewatch. but it still fell a bit flat to me. it lacked without LP for sure. something about it just felt off to me and a lot of the episodes started getting repetitive near the end.

season 8 - 5/10 (i will never HATE a season of this show because its still OTH and my favorite show, but this season was pretty bad. Im reattaching now and its been pretty boring and super super repetitive in storylines. every episode feels the same and i hate how choppy this season was. a lot of the characters were constantly separated. bj, nhj, qc, etc. too much focus on mia/chase as well. It felt like it was lacking direction. There were some good episodes scattered throughout but none of them were amazing. definitely my least favorite season of the show.)
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