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Guess it depends on what they want...

Anyways, I watched 205 and I really enjoyed this one. I finally feel like things are really progressing and this one didnt feel as jumbled to me.

i like Cheri and I hope she gets more of a storyline now.

Mr. Porter is really growing on me. I love all his advice to the kids and trying to get more involved. It sucks that Justin's mom's stupid ass boyfriend picked a fight with him. And now he's arrested? Oh boy, he's gonna get fired now I bet. But I think maybe he'll always be this in between character.

I don't really like Ryan so I didnt love the the focus was on him, but it was interesting to see the flashbacks with Hannah and learn that she and Justin had kept in contact after the picture went around and that Justin sort of apologized and tried to make amends.

I just love Justin! Talk about glow up of the season. He's such a great character and so humorous too. His interactions with Clay and Tony were the best this episode! And everyone knows he is back now, which is interesting.

Tyler is getting darker and darker. Shooting guns, lying to his family, cyberbullying and wearing weird clothing... Yeah, I definitely expect him to try to bomb or shoot up the school if he continues to hang with these friends and get angrier and angrier.

Definitely curious what this "clubhouse" Hannah was writing about was, and I loved the scene where Clay found the polaroid and discovered that it was in the school. Obviously Bryce raped someone in the school? Was it the new girl that was talking to Jessica?

Go Jessica telling Chloe (is that her name?) off about not wanting a boyfriend! I hope she starts to stand up for herself. She went to a group session and she slept in her own bed, so thats great.

The most interesting part of the episode imo was finding out that Chloe had those bruises. Is Bryce beating her? Does he rape her too and she just keeps it quiet? I'm definitely interested to see more of her storyline. And Bryce's mom seems to realize that he is bad too after that talk with Porter.

I felt bad for Alex this episode and I enjoyed his scenes with Zach again, but Zach is still pissing me off trying to play both sides.
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