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Originally Posted by fox24 (View Post)
Clay mentioned in his rant to his mom in episode 3 how they couldn't use the confession cause clay was selling drugs.

I do in general inspite of Veronica Mars you can't submit evidence you found by snooping. There was even a famous case where two cops try to find a fugitive in a woman's apartment but found something illegal and unrelated in her drawers so there was a case of should they admissible in court.

Like I said the law was intresting.

Personally it would be better to have just gone after Bryce than the school
Okay, I must have missed that.

Originally Posted by lovesophia (View Post)
Episode 5 tonight

Where are you up to Sam ?
Episode 4

Originally Posted by Alexa (View Post)
so we arent using spoiler tags then?
Nope, it's been an week
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