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What did you like from S8
I usually enjoy final seasons just because they seem to wrap everything up (if the show knows its ending) and this one did just that. It was also a shorter season which I enjoyed. Loved the D/S moments. It wasnt perfect but I thought it was pretty good compared to the season before it. I loved the DE flashbacks.

What did you dislike?
I still missed Elena. I didnt like that they had SC have so many issues when they could have just been a happy couple. The sirens were super annoying and took up too much time on the season imo. The twins annoyed me.

What are your overview of the characters?
I liked georgie was sad they killed her. Damon was hard to watch at the start being compelled but I enjoyed him at the end. Stefan was amazing this season until he killed Enzo, that was sad.

Favorite ships?
Stefan and Caroline, THEY FINALLY GOT MARRIED YAY. They were adorable. I also loved the DE mentions/memories and of course their ending. So glad Nina came back for the finale.

Favorites episodes?
I loved the first two of the season a lot. I also liked the episode with Damon/Stefan being evil together. I liked the chirsrmas episode a lot. The finale was also spectacular imo.

I'd give it a 7/10 probably, tying it with season 5. Season 5 has the edge though because it still had elena around but those two were pretty close for me.

Season 1 - 10/10
Season 3 - 10/10
Season 6 - 9/10
Season 2 - 8/10
Season 4 - 8/10
Season 5 - 7/10
Season 8 - 7/10
Season 7 - 6/10
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