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Can I go ahead and do general season discussion threads TVD 1-3 have them but none other plus none of the TO seasons have general seasonal threads -- plus maybe a General TVD thread and a General TO thread even if I think many of the threads in the board guide should be combined related to each show having duplicate related to art threads etc

ETA I decided to go ahead with the seasonal threads plus the general threads

Sorry for not waiting and having just gone on a opening threads spree related to making sure all seasons had a general seasonal discussion thread plus giving both TVD and TO their own separate general discussion threads but I am serious that I'm gonna put up a fight for once in my life related to I refuse to allow this board to close without a fight
"The Vampire Diaries" General Discussion #1: Place to speak of the show as a complete whole. Favorite season or episode or storyline ... etc

TVD Season Four Discussion Thread #1

TVD Season Five Discussion Thread #1

TVD Season Six Discussion Thread #1

TVD Season Seven Discussion Thread #1

TVD Season Eight Discussion Thread #1

"The Originals" General Discussion #1: Place to speak of the show as a complete whole. Favorite season or episode or storyline ... etc

I'll leave any of the merging ones for discussion cause I know its became lately that boards combine everything into one thread instead of separate fanart and icon threads - so the decision would need to be would we create 2 separate combined threads, one for TVD and one for TO or just throw everything into 1 combined thread
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