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Originally Posted by Wilpen (View Post)
Here is an interesting take:

PS: I love how the article included the famous Ephram/Amy Ferris Wheel scene :

I love the comment section ripping the TV Guide article, both obvious Everwood fans in favor of more Everwood:

I want to personally contact these two who commented. They need to be on our board, pronto.
I completely agree with those two posters. Everwood show is different compared to what we are watching now. And it's not different in a bad way. So even for the purpose to see this type of show again revival makes sense.

Now do I think that it's possible? I am not sure. Greg is into directing these days, Emily has her own show, Chris is busy doing movies. I see the movie option more feasible than show revival to be honest. Unless they do something similar to what Gilmore Girls did - just few episodes to show us how the story progressed for those characters that we grew to love.
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